Bridgerton – The Perfect Love Story?

25. January 2021.

Bridgerton Title Screen

Bridgerton – The Perfect Love Story?

Today is an exciting day, as Netflix has finally confirmed that a second season of the sensational Bridgerton is coming. It is time to catch up on season one if you haven’t already.


If you watch Netflix, you have probably already seen the show on your home page. According to Deadline, it has been watched in 63 million households, and it was released merely a month ago, on December 25.


Having somewhat fixed my sleeping schedule after watching the first season in just one night, I feel like it is time to put my thoughts into words.

What is Bridgerton?

The Queen - Bridgerton

There are certain shows that you watch and then think, “Why isn’t everything else like this?” Bridgerton for me is that kind of show.


Bridgerton is a romantic TV drama based on the novel series written by Julia Quinn, which consists of eight books. It is set in Regency-era London, 1813.


It is a story of a girl, who is entering an age, where it is time for her to marry and start a family. She is beautiful, smart, and witty. She has wealth and a good name. She is desirable in every aspect, yet somehow finding the perfect suitor proves more difficult for her, than expected.

Why is Bridgerton worth watching?

Bridgerton has a plot with a clearly defined goal: finding a husband for the female lead.

Daphne BridgertonIt is set in a time, where young women had no choice, but to marry, to be respected members of society.  Choosing this period as the time of a romance story, with a female lead who is just entering the marriage market is a great choice for one simple reason: what else could a young girl, such as our lovely Daphne Bridgerton (Phoebe Dynevor) want in life, other than to marry and to raise children?


If you love a good romance show, you will love this one. If you don’t love romance in general, I would still recommend you give this one a shot. Why? I don’t like romance either. But I love a well-written story, and Bridgerton did not disappoint.

First, you have to define what it is that you have against romantic stories? Is it that they are just too cheesy and sappy? Or is it because the love story takes away all the focus from other aspects of the story that you are more interested in?


If it is the former, I would still say that it is a good idea to give Bridgerton a chance. There are hardly any of the usual elements of a romance show that could annoy you. If it is the latter, then there is no reason to worry about that in this case, as finding love in this case really is the most important thing the female lead could be doing.

There is perhaps no more important goal for a story than to be believable, and what makes a story more believable than real, relatable characters. The people in Bridgerton are generally well-written, three-dimensional characters, who each have their concerns, flaws, and reasons for their actions.


The show touches on important issues such as gender equality, racial equality, or childhood trauma.  Not to mention that it has stunning visuals and beautiful music. What more can you ask for?

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